How To Apply Polygel Nails With Tips 2021

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How To Apply Polygel Nails With Tips 2021. This modelones poly nail gel kit is one of the best nail extension gel kits we’ve ever tried. Put the polygel inside the nail form.

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Apply a very thin layer of your basecoat to your nails. Gently remove all loose cuticles off the nail surface. File the inner surface of the cuticle side of the tips to.

For This Application, The First Four Steps Are The Same As With A Full Set Application, But Instead Of Applying The Polygel Onto The Natural Nail, A Nail Form Is Placed On Top Of The Natural Nail.

Clean all nails with alcohol to remove dust and any oily substances. Fast forward about 10 years and here i am today showing you guys a tutorial on using polygel to get that perfect, affordable and easy diy nails that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. Ur sugar poly extension gel kit.

Brush The Gel Inside The Nail Form.

Lightly buff the surface of nails. As a first step, clean the natural nails carefully, by removing any dead skin and cuticle that. Squeeze a small amount of the gel onto a metal tool, like a cuticle pusher or skin spatula (these make applying the thick polish easier), then transfer the gel.

Click On The Video Below To Start Learning How To Use Makartt's Polygel!

Apply a thin layer of base coat, and cure it under led lamp (it is supposed to be sticky! Polygel nails have several advantages over acrylic or gel nails. Let your base layer dry for twice as long as recommended.

Then, Use The Other Side Of The Tool, Dip The Brush In A Slip Solution & Shape The Nail.

Recommended gel polishes and polygel. Apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails and cure it for 30 seconds. How to do polygel nails at home ~ apply the gel to the dual forms.

For Good Adhesion, You Need To Work With Polygel Using The Pressure You Are Used To Having With Liquid And Powder, Versus The Soft Glide Used With Most Hard Gels.

File the inner surface of the cuticle side of the tips to. Once the polygel has dried, you then use a uv light to harden it. If by chance you get a dual form that is too small, even in the slightest bit then your polygel nail will pop off prematurely.


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