How To Make Custom Tumblers Without Epoxy

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How To Make Custom Tumblers Without Epoxy. Prepare the work surface and cup turner as above. Once it’s dry, add a layer of mod podge all the way around the tumbler and then add your glitter.

White and Rose Gold Glitter Tumbler Rose Gold Tumbler Etsy Gold from

Tape on two pieces of butcher paper around the tumbler. This will help the vinyl decal last as long as possible. Welcome period six designs!check out my glitter collection:

Apply It On The Tumbler, Carefully Rubbing The Epoxy All Over The Tumbler As It Turns.

Turn on the cup turner and apply your epoxy, carefully spreading the epoxy as you go. There are a ton of sellers who will make customized tumbler decals and mail them to you. Liberally sprinkle glitter on the entire cup until completely coated.

I Use Faux Rizzle For My Cups.

Dampen an old cloth/towel and wipe off all of the dust from the tumbler, then dry. When this first epoxy seal coat, you will want to apply a second one to seal in the glitter and really give your epoxy tumbler that signature shine. Repeat step 3 (without applying the glitter) and then let the tumbler dry overnight.

Apply 3 Or 4 Layers Of Brite Tone.

Let it dry for at least 12 hours on the cup turner. Roll the sublimation paper (or transfer sheet) tightly around the tumbler and tape it down the seam (making sure they don't overlap). Wrap your mug in the packing paper so that it has most of the paper packed around the handle of the mug.

Adding Rhinestones To A Tumbler Makes For A Super Blingy Gift.

Making a resin tumbler is absolutely without a doubt easy and the results are terrific. Mount your glitter tumbler on the cup turner. Epoxy resin is an smooth way to convert a run of the mill antique mug into a customized tumbler!

Get Inspired By Checking Out The Five Fabulous Tumblers.

Now that we have sealed our perfectly marbled tumblers come watch as i epoxy them to a glass like shine! Learn 15 different ways to customize tumblers. Once it’s dry, add a layer of mod podge all the way around the tumbler and then add your glitter.


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