How To Redirect A Domain To Another Domain

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How To Redirect A Domain To Another Domain. How to redirect a url in the domain tab. To forward a domain to another site, follow these steps:

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Here, you’ll need to fill in which url you want to redirect and where you want it to redirect to. If in list view, click the manage button to the right of your domain. Click the manage button to the right side of the website that you chose.

301 (Permanent Redirect) Or 302 (Temporary Redirect).

Scroll down to the redirect domain box and click the down arrow on the right. Enter the url in the 'destination url:' field where you'd like this domain to redirect. There enter your domain name (or a specific address which you wish to be redirecting), choose the setting forwarding url and its type:

In The Left Navigation, Click “Domain Forwarding”.

First you’ll need to login to your cpanel. Add a.htaccess file that 301 redirects all the internal pages to the new domain. Make sure your ssl certificates are operating.

Set The Nameservers Of The Old Domain To Somewhere You Have Cpanel Hosting.

Redirect all requests to one domain to another domain. This will update your customers about the domain change and redirect them to your new url. Go into cpanel and add the old domain.

To Forward A Domain To Another Site, Follow These Steps:

In the forward to field enter the url or ip address you want to forward it to. Click the manage button to the right side of the website that you chose. This allows users to point their domain to another url using an application available within the console.

Navigate To Domains > > Hosting Settings And Click On The [Change] Button:

While this is not a typical setup, there may be instances when this is needed. Follow along and we’ll explain several scenarios and provide example codes you can use to redirect a domain without changing the domain. Leave the name field blank (this is the root) and point it to the full url of the destination domain.


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