How To Remove Ring Doorbell Pro Faceplate Guide 2022

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How To Remove Ring Doorbell Pro Faceplate Guide 2022. You should see a couple of screws holding the doorbell to the door frame or wall. This will be one fluid motion after you leverage the faceplate loose with your thumbs.


If the installers didn’t put a screw in the ring pro, then you can just pop the cover off by placing your thumbs on the inner piece and using your fingers to. *compatible with ring video doorbell pro only. That’s all there is in removing the faceplate of a ring doorbell.

That’s All There Is In Removing The Faceplate Of A Ring Doorbell.

Removing a ring doorbell at a glance. A professional might have removed it with better tools. Place the screws back at the cover’s bottom, making sure it is tight.

Tap The Menu Button At The Top Left Of The App.

Look at the product name listing under device details. Simply place the tip of the screwdriver into the security screw. To expose the power wires, remove the old doorbell by unscrewing it from the wall and gently pulling it out.

Set Your Other Fingers On The Sides, Gently Slide It Out, And Pull It Loose.

So, i was able to pull the faceplate just enough (without breaking it) and hit the reset button. Either way, removing the ring doorbell with a screwdriver and other tools is definitely not a fun experience. If your ring video doorbell pro is giving you problems this will show you step by step on how to remove the doorb.

Now Turn The Screwdriver Clockwise, Until The Screw Comes Out.

What generations does this article apply to. This will expose the inside of the ring doorbell. You can just remove the faceplate from the doorbell and then remove the battery.

You Should See A Couple Of Screws Holding The Doorbell To The Door Frame Or Wall.

Docdocdoc january 5, 2021, 3:27am #5. Use the security screw tool to remove the faceplate. Hi @danhi.the ring screwdriver is double sided.


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