How Your Teeth Should Line Up

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How Your Teeth Should Line Up. Your plan may even be to bury your head in the sand forever and just put up with the misalignment. The way the upper teeth align with the lower teeth is called occlusion.

Perfect Bite How Teeth Should Line up and Come Together Tooth Be Told from

Overbite, or buck teeth, occurs when your top front teeth extend beyond your bottom front teeth. If the upper teeth do not overlap the lower ones enough, we call this an open bite. Perfection is rare in nature and very difficult to achieve otherwise.

Looking At Your Teeth From The Side, You Can Compare How They Line Up With How The Teeth Of A Zipper Line Up.

When your teeth do not occlude together properly, it can lead to tmj problems. Many people have a slight overbite. Tmj can also be caused by grinding your teeth, injury, stress, arthritis, dislocation, or an improper bite.

I Think That Being Just That Little Bit Different Is.

When the jaw is closed, the lower canine (fang) should fit in front of the upper canine. Basically the teeth which are placed at the back (posteriorly) are suppose to touch while in rest position and if front teeth (anteriorly) are touched first then it's not normal as it can lead to many dental problem such as sensitivity and bone loss and gradually. The upper front teeth should jet out over the lower front teeth by a couple of mm.

When You Look At Teeth With This View, They Should Be Even And Aligned With A Nice Curve.

A more severe overbite may lead to tooth decay, gum disease or jaw pain. Crowding and inward overlapping of the teeth are caused by gentle, regular inward pressure on the teeth. A bite that is off by a fraction of a millimeter can cause tooth pain.

Facial Asymmetry Is More Common Than You Might Think.

If you have misaligned teeth, you may have been putting off going to the dentist about them. To work properly, should be properly aligned to allow for pressure to be distributed equally. Recementation of veneer is possible [ if not damaged].

If The Fit Is Off, The Bite Is Not.

Also known as an overbite, class 2 malocclusion is when the upper jaw and teeth overlap the bottom jaw and teeth severely. It is normal for most breeds to have a slight overlap of the upper front teeth. He says that if he were to rotate it that the edge of the canine tooth would stick too far out,and make it look off.


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