Screening Vs Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Screening Vs Refinishing Hardwood Floors. If you didn't know halpin's offers both screen and recoat and sand, stain and finish of hardwood floors, we also offer slate refinishing and brick refinishing. We walk you through e.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Without Sanding Buffing Review Home Co
Refinishing Hardwood Floors Without Sanding Buffing Review Home Co from

Wood flooring adds richness and character to any home, but maintaining the floor’s natural beauty takes a little tlc. When wood floors get old and lose color and the shiny luster look, the solution comes to mind is sanding and then refinishing.this solution sometimes can be a totally wrong perception of the situation. Hardwood refinishing can give new life to your old floors.

When A Sand And Refinish Takes Place On Hardwood Floors, Sand Paper Is Used From Low/Rough Grit To Progressively Higher/Finer.

You'll be screening most of the floor with the floor polisher and screens. How to refinish hardwood floors. With a standard screen and recoat, a quick and easy process that removes surface scratches and everyday wear, you can help your clients keep their beautiful hardwood floors.

One Advantage Of Screening For Many Homeowners Is That The Polisher Won’t Get.

The right cleaning product makes all the difference. Screen and recoat means that we're going to scuff or lightly sand only the finish on the hardwood. Screening is a process that takes off the top layer of polyurethane but doesn’t remove any wood.

A Simple Recoat Can Do A Lot To Make The Floor Look Shinier.

You can undertake to refinish yourself — but the professional treatment is sure to leave you most satisfied. It’s been a few years and the finish is looking dull or worn. A screen and recoat is a part of the regular maintenance for hardwood floors that have been finished with polyurethane.

Protects Floors From Food Spills And Drops.

Typically, for a screen and recoat, you add one coat of poly, but if you’d like even extra protection, you can add on 2 coats. When you sand a hardwood floor you actually go down to bare wood and take a small amount off the top. You would screen before each coat.

Most Of The Time, You Can Simply Buff And Recoat The Floor.

It can have a modern look and feel to it while also being a timeless classic. The screen and recoat (also called buff & coat) procedure for hardwood floors is a cost effective method of fixing or revitalizing worn or dull floors. Sanding and polishing the flooring.


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